Sunderland 2 Cardiff City 1

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Tueart and Hughes sink Welsh hopes

Cardiff’s defence leaves little room to work

HAVING beaten Hull City on Saturday without three of their Cup team Sunderland had to make one further withdrawal for this afternoon’s game against Cardiff City at Roker Park when Ron Guthrie was withdrawn because of a virus infection. His replacement at No. 3 was Joe Bolton.

Brian Chambers, Jackie Ashurst and David Young continued in place of Mick Horswill, Dave Watson and Richie Pitt.

City made changes, too, with Roger Hoy – Sunderland players remember best for his days with Crystal Palace and Luton Town – coming in at No. 10.

City, still needing points to be sure of avoiding relegation to the Third Division were of course the last team to beat Sunderland in the FA Cup.

Kerr won the toss for Sunderland and there were about 25,000 present when Cardiff started the game attack the Roker end.

Porterfield halted City’s opening move with a long ball back to Montgomery and from a clearance Sunderland were immediately on the attack to gain a free kick when Murray fouled Halom. Kerr took the kick and Tueart, running across the goal front, failed in his attempt to side-slip the ball past Urwin.

Sunderland stayed up to gain a corner and after this had been cleared they were back again with Hughes gaining possession from Chambers’ throw to hold the ball against three defenders before dropping his centre behind.

A bad bounce of the ball troubled Hughes when he went through again from a Porterfield pass to put his centre into the side netting.

Then City started to move and when Anderson hit a long centre from the right Malone moved in ahead of Woodruff to head behind for a corner.

Halom was back to head Reece’s kick behind for another corner and from the clearance of this Tueart led a break which ended with Kerr shooting narrowly wide from directly in front of goal.

Sunderland gained a free kick on the right when Porterfield was brought down by Morgan and when Kerr’s kick was returned to him his attempt to get the ball back into the middle was sent behind for a corner by Bell.

In the 13th minute Murray had to receive attention after tackling Tueart in the City penalty area.

Sunderland were near to the goal when Malone brought the ball out of defence and Chambers sent it down the line for Tueart who drew two defenders before making his centre and a powerful header by Halom travelled narrowly wide.

Then Tueart hit a 40-yarder from the wing which Urwin could only push over the bar. From the corner Hughes sent in a strong header and again Urwin did well to save at the expense of a corner.

City were in trouble again when Kerr took a free kick on the right and from a backward header by Tueart, Halom sent in a header which went behind from the bar.

After Tueart had gone close on the right, Porterfield sent Hughes away with a great though ball but Halom, coming in from the other wing in anticipation of a centre, had reached the goal front before it arrived and he was too far in to make contact.

Then in the 31st minute City took a surprise lead when a long centre reached the middle and Montgomery went up with Ashurst and Young. All three failed to make decisive contact and Phillips rose above Kerr to nod the ball down into an empty goal.

Morgan saved a certain goal when heading a Tueart centre behind for a corner with Halom unmarked in front of goal.

Urwin made a great save from Halom by pushing a long shot away for a corner and when Tueart’s kick reached the middle Halom was thrown off balance by Murray’s challenge as he sent a header narrowly wide.

Hughes set up Sunderland’s next attack with a long ball from midfield and Halom, storming past Bell, shot wide with only Urwin to beat.

City were having to do a lot of defending and they had everyone back as Sunderland kept hammering away.

Sunderland gained a free kick jut outside the City penalty area for a Phillips’ foul on Tueart and Kerr’s kick hit the face of the bar before going out of play on the far side of goal.

Tueart had the ball in the City net from a Kerr centre but offside had already been signalled against Kerr.

There was a close call for Sunderland in the first minute of the second half when Ashurst ran Anderson off the ball just outside the penalty area. Anderson took the kick and Montgomery just beat Woodruff to it palm the ball away.

It was nearer still shortly afterwards when a chip into the middle from the left presented McCullough with a great chance and only a desperate late tackle by Bolton sent the ball over the top from four yards.

Hughes went close with a header from a Kerr centre and then Halom, caught with his back to goal, hooked over the bar.

Sunderland were now taking on a nine-man defence and finding little room in which to work, but they were nearly punished for casual defence when Reece was allowed to get away on the left and after his shot had been blocked Young cleared from the line.

After another spell of prolonged pressure in which Sunderland threw everything at a massed defence, City gained relief from a free kick and Young helped them on their way with a mis-kick which sent the ball behind for a corner.

In the 67th minute Porterfield was called out of the game and replaced by McGiven.

Sunderland drew level from the penalty spot in the 68th minute, Ashurst collected a clearance and returned the ball to the middle where Murray and Bell challenged and the referee, who was right on the spot, signalled a handing offence and awarded Sunderland a penalty. Tueart made no mistake with his kick, driving the ball hard and low inside and left-hand post as Urwin moved to the other side.

In the next minute Urwin was making another great diving save from Tueart.

Urwin had to receive attention after diving to Halom’s feet but he was quickly back in the game.

Sunderland went ahead in 77 minutes when Young brought the ball out of defence before sending it down the right wing to Kerr. From Kerr’s cross Hughes went up at the near post to head the ball wide of Urwin and just inside the far post.

City now came out strongly and a determined attack ended with Reece hamming in a great shot from the right and Montgomery did well to push it over the bar.

Hughes was unlucky not to get another goal when a Boldon free kick was headed out by Murray and lobbed back by Kerr. Hughes went in sharply to beat Urwin to the ball, only to see his chipped shot bounce on the bar and go behind.

Sunderland: Montgomery, Malone, Bolton, Chambers, Ashurst, Young, Kerr, Hughes, Halom, Porterfield, Tueart. Sub, McGiven.

Cardiff City: Urwin, Dwyer, Bell, Phillips, Murray, Morgan, Reece, McCullough, Woodruff, Hoy, Anderson. Sub, Pethard.

Referee: Mr G Hartley (Wakefield)

Sunderland 2 Cardiff City 1

Attendance 27,551.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on April 23 1973.