So you think you’re a Mackem? So take our test...

Fawcett Street in early 1954.
Fawcett Street in early 1954.
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It’s time for our annual So You think You’re A Mackem quiz – dare you take the challenge?

Your family tree may be firmly rooted in Sunderland – but how much do you really know about the city and its history?

Test your local knowledge with our fun quiz to see if you are a true Mackem – or should consider a move to Geordie or Smoggieland ...

For those who enjoy a challenge, try the final five “Brain–Buster” questions. A bundle of local history books is on offer to the winner.

1: In which year did Wearmouth Colliery open?

2: Which Wearside village was comedian Bobby Thompson born in?

3: In which year was a roof popped on The Bridges?

4: J L Thompson’s developed the prototype of a ship which became vital in wartime. What was it?

5: A miniature train track opened at Seaburn in around 1950. How long was it?

6: Which Carry On star is said to haunt the Empire Theatre?

7: What happened to the original Sunderland Winter Gardens?

8: What building is next to Binns in this shot of John Street, right, in the 1930s?

9: In which year was the Town Hall demolished?

10: Which player scored the only goal of the 1973 FA Cup Final, when Sunderland overcame the odds to beat Leeds United?

11: In which year were Sunderland’s trams scrapped?

12: Where was Sunderland’s Old Market situated in the 1930s?

13: In which year was the final closure announcement for the shipyards made?

14: What kind of car was first off the production line at Nissan in July 1986?

15: In which year was Sunderland Polytechnic granted university status?

16: Monkwearmouth and Southwick Hospital moved from Roker Avenue to where in 1932?

17: Which major seafront music venue was built in 1938?

18: The Beatles made two appearances at the Sunderland Empire in which year?

19: Which famous artist was a regular visitor to Seaburn in the 1960s?

20: In which year did Crowtree Leisure Centre open?