Remembering the miners at Wearside’s collieries

The pits that were once a major employer in our area have long gone.

The metal and brick structures have disappeared and the pit heaps that some say blighted the area have been turned into landscaped areas for the public to enjoy.

Aged miners outing - 1 July 1980.

Aged miners outing - 1 July 1980.

Who didn’t know somebody who worked in the mines?

In some cases it was generations of families at work down the pits.

As well as the miners employed at the colliery, a wide range of tradesmen were also required, from electricians to engineers to canteen staff.

So when we were delving into our archives for this week’s nostalgia, we wanted to find images not only of the of the mines, but of the men and women who worked at the collieries.

Not only did we find photographs of people at work but also images of the social side of being employed at the colliery.

Who remembers learning how to swim in their local pit pond? Going on the annual bus trip outing? We’d love to hear your memories.

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