Remembering the day they brought the FA Cup home in 73

Having a street party.
Having a street party.
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Where were you when The Lads brought the cup home in 1973?

That was our question and we posted it alongside a photograph – on social media – which showed fans packed around the Board Inn in Sunderland as well as on the roof.

Waiting for the FA Cup to arrive. Fans grab every vantage point at the Board Inn.

Waiting for the FA Cup to arrive. Fans grab every vantage point at the Board Inn.

They were all waiting for the bus carrying the victorious Sunderland team, and the FA Cup, to come past on its journey towards Roker Park.

So where were you?

Beryl Harris said: “Watching them in Sunderland. Our two-year-old son was dressed totally in red and white a day to be remembered. Then in the evening went celebrating in Sunderland to absorb the atmosphere. Thrilling day.”

Leslie Evans told us: “Campbell Road Hylton Castle ... celebrating with a fully decorated red n white street. We got a colour tv to watch the match.”

5 months pregnant, I was in the Fulwell End and climbed into the Clockstand to get a seat

Joy Hamilton

Ken Phillips said he was “singing my heart out in clock stand”, while Lorna Button commented: “Standing near Louis’ Coffee Shop, Park Lane then Roker Park.”

Elizabeth Foy Urwin said she had a “fab view” on the “railway station roof as I worked there at the time”.

Others to comment included Patrick McCardle: “I was in the Fulwell End. Dad was in Roker End with camera, some great pics.”

Barry Marshall: “I followed the bus all the way from the Gas Board corner in Fawcett St to Roker Park.”

Having a party. Are you pictured?

Having a party. Are you pictured?

Dave Knightley: “In main stand at Roker Park with mates watching the coffin with Leeds dead and buried go round the pitch.”

Sheila O’Leary Redden: “Married quarters in Yorkshire. Watched the match with a couple of Leeds supporters. Elation for me, shock for them lol.”

Jane Prest: “Board Inn roundabout with Mam. I think that’s my husband, at 11 years old, on the pub roof!!!!”

Lisa Patterson: “Outside my aunties on Durham Road with knitted doll badges of red and white.”

Lesley Johnson: “ Edenvale About 10 deep on the pavement outside maxs shop. I don’t think we will ever see the like of that again.”

Keith Purvis: “Worked at Burtons on the corner of fawcett street and watched from upstairs windows.”

Peter Spottiswood: “Mainstand paddock, seemed like forever before they got to the ground, but worth the wait.”

John Defty: “On the Hiab wagon behind the bus, from Houghton cut to the ground .Mint.”

Linda Barella: “At the Mecca bowling and on top of the bus station roof when they came back with the cup. Happy days.”

Carol Collins: “Lived at Carville Durham – team got off coach A1 & onto double decker – where it set off to Sunderland.”

And still the comments kept on coming by the dozens.

Michael John Burdon told us: “I saw them come off the A1M at Carrville and they went up the A690 past the Ramside towards Sunderland.”

Joy Hamilton: “5 months pregnant, I was in the Fulwell End and climbed into the Clockstand to get a seat.”

Lesley-Anne Fisher Watson: “Crowtree Rd and my grandmother was terrified of the police horses.”

David Baker: “I was at Wembley but on night shift when they came home.”

Brian McKeown: “I was working in the Fire Service in Blackpool ... couldn’t get the day off ... had to get my mate to tape it for me.”

Jackie Dale: “Hanging out of the upstairs windows at The Prospect Pub with our flags – sadly pub no longer there.”

Sue Gray: “I was seven years old and I remember standing in fawcett street with me dad and me brother.

Dorothy Williamson: “Eden Vale in my red and white shiny leather look coat.”

Jean Burnip: “Standing top of Roker avenue with my mam and dad. xx.”

Valerie Metcalf: “On the railings outside the bank on Fawcett Street.

Arthur Johnston: “On the toilet roof next to the Board Inn.”

Angela Wind: “Top of Thorney Close Road!”

Gill Russell: “In the ground at roker park.”

Paul John Simpson: “Near the board inn!!!”

Neil Chapman: “Right where that photo was taken.”

Steve Templeton: “upstairs in Wheatsheaf pub.”

George Dodda Bell: “Bottom of Houghton cut.”

Thanks to everyone who responded. More than 100 of you left comments and 21,000 spotted the post on social media.