Raspberry ruffles and chewy mints - you all loved a Woolies pick n mix

The Woolworths photograph which sparked the interest.
The Woolworths photograph which sparked the interest.
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Sweet-toothed Echo readers responded in style when we asked for memories of the Woolworths store.

Many of you miss the Fawcett Street branch in Sunderland especially the pick n mix section.

Shoppers outside the Woolworths John Street entrance in 1963.

Shoppers outside the Woolworths John Street entrance in 1963.

And when we posted a photograph on social media to ask for your memories, 57,000 of you spotted the post.

Scores of you shared your memories including Elsa Graham who commented: “Omg worked there loved it really good memories especially xmas parties used to fill the pick n mix up.”

Pat Johnson was another Woolworths employee but this time at the Pennywell branch and shared this memory.

“When I was 15 I worked on the biscuit counter at Pennywells Woolies.loved it.”

I loved the pick and mix biscuits upstairs in Woolies back in the sixties

Daphne Weatherill

Pauline Cafferkey said: “I served on the sweet counter before pick n mix. I used to give the old folks extra cos I felt sorry for them!”

Brenda Snowdon was another one who worked in the sweet department and said “had some good times.”

And so did Sarah Hill who said: “I used to serve the sweeties but that would have been early 70’s.”

Alison Lewis shared her memories. “My first Saturday job on the sweet and ice-cream counter around 1970.”

While Lucy Potts loved them so much, she said: “remember eating half before we got to the check out.”

Joan Marghani was another admirer. “Every saturdaywith my pocket money straight for the pic n mix section.”

And Michaela Laverick commented: “Eee a really remember this mam u & me nana used to take me in all the time.”

Others to comment included;

Valerie Coombs: “Yes. Great times. Alison filling her chocolate up.”

Daphne Weatherill: “I loved the pick and mix biscuits upstairs in Woolies back in the sixties.”

Christine Peach: “Omg I worked on the till on sweets x.”

Margaret Prescott: “I worked there a long time ago.x”

Lou Lloyd: “Loved it in here as a kid...”

Marie Nixon: “Heaven.”

Some of you had your own pick n mix favourites such as Tanya Beach.

Tanya said: “The strawberry ones!!! We’re lovely!!”

Dorothy Williamson: “Raspberry ruffles such a treat.”

Helen Smith remembered which were her favourite sweets and said: “Mam used to get us them chewy mints in the white green n red wrappers x”

But most of you just wanted a return of the store.

Tracey Collins: “Bring theses back please.”

Lisa Wright: “Woolworths is such a big miss.”

Kim Moore: “Aww loved woolies!!.....still miss it!!!!!”

Michael Gormley had a different reason to reminisce and said: “Miss buying me vinyl records from woolies.”

Irene Corner told us: “I loved working at Woolies xx”

And your memories just kept pouring in. Here are some more.

Marie Harper: “I remember this best childhood memories ever xx”

Ann Binks: “Bring Woolworths back at Sunderland town center.”

Catherine Kilbride: “Wow fond memories!”

Janice Butler: “Brings back memories.”

Ryan Wall: “this used to be the place dreams were made.”

Denise Spoors: “Loved woolies x”

Jean Corner: “loved this shop wish it was still open.”

John Routledge: “Wish woolies were still around.”

Julie Holmes Parr: “Best days ever !!”

Mary Ellen Davison Smith: “I used to work in woolies as a cashier 1968.”

Lisa M Wilkinson: “loved the pic n mix.”

Pamela Slater Our favourite haunt Karen ! X Steven Harvey

Valerie Dawson: “Used to love Woolies. Such a great shop. Xx”

Lynn Jessica: “Aww my first saturday job.”

Lynda Richardson: “I remember it well.”

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on a city centre favourite.

Keep the memories coming. Email chris.cordner@jpress.co.uk