Paolo’s dirty knees? Bob’s Wembley sprint? Which manager celebration did you love the most

Paolo Di Canio celebrating David Vaughan scoring the third goal against Newcastle in 2013.
Paolo Di Canio celebrating David Vaughan scoring the third goal against Newcastle in 2013.
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We all remember the scenes.

The Messiah Bob Stokoe running halfway across Wembley to hug FA Cup Final hero Jimmy Montgomery.

Bob Stokoe, Sunderland Manager November 1972 old ref  number 4 323'Roker Park slideshow

Bob Stokoe, Sunderland Manager November 1972 old ref number 4 323'Roker Park slideshow

Italian maestro Paolo Di Canio getting down on his knees to celebrate derby day goals against Newcastle United at St James’ Park.

And big Sam Allardyce celebrating Sunderland staying up after a famous 3-0 win against Everton in front of the Stadium of Light fans.

But which was the best – or was there another manager celebration which got your vote as the best in SAFC history.

There was only one way to settle it ... ask the fans.

1973 Bob Stokoe running across the pitch to the goalkeeper

Lynn Frater

So we did on social media and it was an interesting divide of opinions with three scenes getting all your votes.

Lynn Frater said: “1973 Bob Stokoe running across the pitch to the goalkeeper.” Darren Welsh agreed and added: “Best manager as well.”

Gary Rafferty reckoned we had got the question wrong. He suggested: “Need to reword this....which di canio celebration was the best.”

Rob Teasdale said: “Big Sam on the pitch at the end of the Everton game. Who knows what he was trying to do.”

Ronny Hall was a big fan of Paolo and believes he went too early.

“Should of kept him passion loyalty, but just too defensive, lost him his job,”

And then came a string of suggestions for one famous scene – Paolo sliding across the St James’ turf after Sunderland scored.

Barry Marshall said: “Di Canio’s kneeslide by a mile!”

Alan Clennell agreed and said: “Easy Di’cano, brilliant.”

Michelle Havelock told us: “I loved PDC.”

And Joy Hamilton commented: “I want dirty knees too.”

The same went for Paul Summerside who said: “Dirty contest.”

And Howard Beadnell said: “I want dirty knees too.......”

Paul Mills was another big fan of “Di Canios knee slide”.

Al Knebel agreed: ”Di Canio’s dirty knees,” and Michael Staines concurred: “Di canio knee slide.”

But back came the Bob Stokoe fans.

Gary Giles commented: “Bob Stokoe by miles.”

John Usher, Michael Rodgerson and Ian Vickers all agreed that Bob Stokoe’s famous Wembley run was the best SAFC manager celebration of all time.

But Jack Anderson disagreed and was in the Big Sam camp.

Our post on social media reached more than 13,000 people and it included a photograph of Di Canio’s reaction after Vaughan’s spectacular third goal against Newcastle.

The post got plenty of likes – in fact more than 40 of you gave the thumbs-up to the social media post.

They included Sharon June Heard, Jean Dawson, Lee Davison, Rhys Evans, Steven Allen, Lewis Connolly, Margaret Rooks, Nils Carson and Shaun Stokoe.

Others to like the post were Robert Gill, Alan Colling, Alan Pittilla, John Phillips, Derick C. Innes and Tim Rowley.

The likes just kept on coming and we got them as well from Anthony Frazer, Richan Booth, Stew Hellens, Gary Parker and Kevin Hopper.

Is there a favourite manager celebration which you remember – and perhaps one which we have not mentioned?

We would love the opinion of more SAFC fans and those wanting to share their views can contact us by emailing

In the meantime, others who liked Di Canio’s celebration included Elizabeth Johnson, Max Ashton, Howard Beadnell, Paul Storey, Andy Bewick, Lee Charlton, Andrew Williams, Donna Lambert, Stephen Blunt, Phil Carver and Leroy Eady,

So did Rob Teasdale, Adam Taylor and Carrie Scott and we thank everyone who showed an interest in the post.

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