Mysterious faces from Sunderland’s past

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DO you hold the key to unlocking the past? Members of Sunderland Antiquarian Society are appealing for help in solving the mysteries behind this treasure trove of vintage photos.

“The images have been donated to us over the years, but we have no idea where or when they were taken, or who the people are,” said president Douglas Smith.

“We would be very grateful indeed if Echo readers can help us identify any of the photos, as we can then catalogue them in the correct archive for future use.”

Among the mystery pictures is a top-hatted man standing next to a boulder, a child named Marjorie dressed as Mother Goose and a class of long-haired schoolboys.

A group of First World War soldiers in 1918, a billiard room in 1919 and Percy Star Football Team during the 1927-28 season are also included in the collection.

“We have about 8,000 photos of people, places, shops and industries in our ever-growing archives, which prove invaluable when researching the past,” said Douglas.

“Some of the photos are, however, unidentified or anonymous – and it is these for which we would be very grateful of any information – names, dates or places. At the moment we have them stored safely away, keeping them until one day – perhaps – they can finally be identified. Hopefully, publishing them here might help.

“Sadly, a lack of information on images is a constant problem and I’d urge anyone taking photos today to note down names and dates – to help those in the future.”

l Do you recognise any of the photos? Contact the Antiquarians via email at or visit the group at 6 Douro Terrace any Wednesday or Saturday morning.