Manchester City 2 Sunderland 2 FA CUP

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WITH the Old Trafford game being called of, there were extra claims upon accommodation at Maine Road this afternoon where Sunderland took on Manchester City in the F.A. Cup fifth round, writes ARGUS. Capacity for the ground is 54,000 and with several thousand outside the ground attempting to gain admission it seemed certain that there would be a full house.

With David Young failing to gain clearance on his ankle injury, Sunderland fielded the side which beat Middlesbrough last week, with Brian Chambers again named as substitute. City, too, were unchanged.

In view of the fact that the Manchester United v Crystal Palace game had been called off at Old Trafford only two miles away because of ground conditions, it was astonishing to find such an excellent playing surface at Maine Road.

Kerr won the toss for Sunderland and decided to set City the task of playing with sun and wind in their faces.

It was a bright start for Sunderland, with Donachie having to stop rapidly to cover when Halom had Book in difficulties.

Lee tried to get City going on the left, but when Watson cleared they switched to the other flank to gain a free-kick, first against Horswill and then against Porterfield.

It was from the second kick that real danger developed, for Lee, striking the ball low and firmly towards the far post, saw March come in from the other flank to drive the ball towards goal from close range. It looked a certain goal, but Montgomery’s reactions were quick enough for him to go down and save on the line.

The referee had a sharp word or two with Book after a foul on Tueart, and when Porterfield’s free-kick appeared to be going behind, a challenge by Hughes pressed Jeffries into driving it away for a throw-in on the left.

Sunderland moved strongly from the throw, with Porterfield beating an offside trap to go wide on the left and make a powerful centre which Kerr headed over the bar.

A Guthrie foul on Summerbee produced a free-kick which was driven forward by Book, but Pitt was quicker to the ball than Marsh and headed away. Shortly afterwards the referee had a sharp word or two with Doyle for a foul on Tueart.

Sunderland had a lucky escape when Porterfield lost control on the edge of the Sunderland penalty area and Lee raced in, but was halted under challenge from Malone and the ball went through to Montgomery.

City went ahead on the 16th minute with a surprise goal. The move started when Porterfield delayed a throw-in for so long that he was pulled back for encroaching. When he eventually released the ball, Watson was adjudged to have handled in pulling down, and a quickly taken free-kick had Summerbee closing in on goal.

After his shot had been beaten down, a delayed clearance allowed TOWERS to beat Montgomery from close range.

City were near again shortly afterwards when a Towers run on the left ended with a backward centre which was turned narrowly wide by Lee.

City continued to do most of the forcing and there was little relief for the Sunderland defence, though they solved a lot of their problems in midfield.

Guthrie was coping well with the elusive Sumberbee, but it was Summerbee who created the next dangerous situation by going out to the left wing to take a corner. The ball was turned aside from the goalfront and with Marsh and Bell challenging, Halom came back to lend a hand in ending the attack.

Kerr’s tenacity twice won the ball and then when there appeared to be the chance of a Sunderland break with Watson hitting a long ball down the middle, Hughes was caught offside.

Summerbee was next to be lectured for showing dissent after being pulled up for a foul on Guthrie and shortly afterwards the referee awarded a free-kick against Towers, who changed position after consulting a linesman.

Then Tueart was pulled down in midfield and from Kerr’s kick Corrigan attempted to retrieve it.

There was an immediate free-kick award against Tueart, and the referee had to step in when City players showed resentment. The free-kick was returned down the right from midfield, and HORSWILL controlling it well, lobbed the ball over Donachie’s head to go after it and crack a 36-minute equaliser for Sunderland with a great shot.

Hughes moved well on the right holding the ball cleverly before slipping it through for Kerr, but the Sunderland captain dropped his centre behind the goal.

Sunderland continued to look sharper in their attack and Hughes, Kerr and Tueart had one going strongly on the right before Booth stepped in to clear.

Then Halom won possession in a challenge on Jeffries near the corner flag to set up another Sunderland attack with a backward pass.

In the 44th minute Kerr took up a great position to receive from Porterfield, but when he tried to move inside he was brought down from behind by Book, who was immediately booked by the referee.

There was only a formal acknowledgement when City came out for the start of the second half, but Sunderland received a tremendous welcome from their big following, who were in the best of spirits.

City built up pressure immediately. Book beat Tueart on the halfway line and went clear, only to send his centre into the crowd. They were back again when Watson fouled Lee who took the free-kick himself 25 yards out and brought a great save from Montgomery, who went up to turn the ball over the bar.

From Summerbee’s corner-kick there was a shooting chance for Doyle, whose powerful shot had Montgomery going up to palm the ball over the top again.

Summerbee took this corner too, and in a goalmouth scramble Malone did well.

Tueart had four defenders chasing after him when he broke on the right, but it was Towers who made the important tackle to get the ball away right on the line.

Pitt held up Marsh when the City leader looked dangerous on the left and then in the 55th minute Towers lifted his foot dangerously high in a challenge on Halom and was booked by the referee.

Two minutes later Porterfield was booked for time wasting over a thorn-in after having been cautioned just previously.

Then Summerbee and Lee teamed up in their brightest effort so far which ended with Lee hammering in a low drive which had Montgomery diving along his line to make a great save.

In the 68th minute a great effort by Tueart opened up the City defence to send Hughes away on the left. Hughes had a lot of running to do, and by the time he reached the edge of the penalty area Jeffries was alongside him. But he switched inside and then went on to beat Corrigan with a great shot which put Sunderland into the lead.

When Marsh looked dangerous on the left, Pitt did not hesitate to drive the ball into the crowd for a corner.

SUMMERBEE crossed over to take the kick and Montgomerty, under pressure from Marsh as he tried to reach the inswinger under the bar, failed to put it out and it travelled back into goal from the underside of the bar, to put City on level terms in 72 minutes.

Sunderland hit back to force two corners and from the second of these taken by Hughes on the left, Corrigan had a desperate fight on his hands to reach the ball with both Watson and Halom challenging.

In the 74th minute Mellor came on as substitute for Doyle.

Sunderland had City on the run when Tueart broke strongly on the right and from his centre Halom got in a header which Corrigan could only touch over the bar.

Then in the 83rd minute when Horswill went through on the right and touched the ball past Towers, the City player turned to body-check Horswill and there was an incident between the players which led to Towers being ordered from the field and Horswill booked.

From the free-kick, Hughes sent in a tremendous header which was brilliantly saved by Corrgian.

Play was held up while Pitt received attention for an injury and was resumed with a free-kick to City. In the 86th minute Pitt was booked for a challenge on Lee.

But most of the action was in front of the Sunderland goal and great work by Montgomery. Pitt, Watson and then a surprisingly fierce tackle by Hughes threw back a series of fierce attacks.

The teams were:– Manchester City: Corrigan, Book, Donachie, Doyle, Booth, Jeffries, Summerbee, Bell, Marsh, Lee, Towers. Sub: Mellor.

Sunderland: Montgomery, Malone, Guthrie, Horswill, Watson, Pitt, Kerr, Hughes, Halom, Porterfield, Tueart. Sub: Chambers.

Referee: Mr R Tinkler of Boston.


TOWERS 16 mins.

HORSWILL 36 mins.

HUGHES 68 mins.

SUMMERBEE 72 mins.


SUNDERLAND certainly did themselves and their supporters proud. This was a tremendous battle after they had appeared likely to be on the losing side of a 20-minute opening which had City looking the more composed.

But from the moment that Horswill collected the equaliser, Sunderland were in it with a chance. Then they ran themselves into the ground in harassing City out of their stride and tough their lead was short-lived, their courageous battle in the closing stages not only denied City the chance of snatching a match-winning goal but they were also often near themselves to getting through.

It was overall a great team performance and brings for Sunderland supporters, who were behind them magnificently today, the chance to see it all over again at Roker Park on Tuesday night.

Story taken from the Football Echo on February 24 1973.