Len’s life as a POW recalled

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A SUNDERLAND war hero will give a fascinating insight into his life as a Japanese prisoner of war later this month.

The Friends of Sunderland Museums are presenting The Lighter Side of Life as a Japanese POW by Len Gibson.

The former fighter is a well-known figure in the area and is someone who is still passionate about the Armed Forces to this day.

Mr Gibson said: “I am 91 and one of the few survivors of Sunderland’s own 125 Anti- Tank Regiment.

“I worked on the infamous Railway of Death which claimed the lives of 16,000 allied POWs.

“I then worked on the Mergui Road where conditions were even worse.”

However, Mr Gibson’s talk will also look at how he and his comrades kept morale high during their capture.

He added: “Despite the hardships, there were men who sought to entertain and distract attention from miserable conditions.

“I intend to comment on these happier moments.”

The presentation takes place on Thursday, March 17, at the Museum and Winter Gardens on Burdon Road.

Admission is priced £1 with all visitors welcome to attend.

Call 553 2323 for more.