Happy memories of school football team

WINNERS ALL...Monkton Junior School victors in 1969.
WINNERS ALL...Monkton Junior School victors in 1969.
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ONE of the pleasing things about old school photographs is the connections that can be made.

I’ve been hearing from reader John Ford, who was interested to see an old teacher of his, the late Angus McDonald, in one picture recently, from his days at Stanhope Road School.

But this smashing picture from John has a different provenance.

Says John: “This was the League and Blanchflower Cup winners from Monkton Junior School in 1969, proudly showing our cup and league trophy.

“The teacher on the left was a Mr Palmer and the headmaster on the right was a Mr Thorneycroft, who did a magnificent amount of work for schools football in the town.”

Says John: “As you can see, we didn’t have a wealth of football strips at hand, just the bare 11.

“It was a great junior school and Mr Palmer and Mr Thorneycroft were sport-mad, which was great for us.”

John’s memory is good, too. This is the line-up here:

Back row, Mr Palmer, John Nessworthy, Alan Lloyd, Frank Stidolph, David Osgerthorpe, Neill Patrick, Allan O’Brian and Mr Thorneycroft.

Middle row: Trevor Cullen, John Ford, David Smith, Kevin Ames and Ken Hope.

Bottom row: Robert Coulson, Alan McKeith, David Lee and David Brown.

Says John: “A great team and happy memories. We are all in our early 50s now. I see a few of the lads now and then, but wonder where the rest are now?”

By the way, John is kindly offering copies of the picture. Contact him at: john.fordj@blueyonder.co.uk