Frothy coffee and the best fish shop ever - your memories of Park Lane market

Park Lane market in 1987.
Park Lane market in 1987.
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It had the “best fish shop ever” and a cafe which did frothy coffee - and it brought back lots of wonderful memories.

That’s the Park Lane market in Sunderland which featured in an Echo Memory Lane photograph that proved to be really popular with our online followers.

A scene from Park Lane market.

A scene from Park Lane market.

We asked Echo readers if they remembered the scene and more than 36,000 of you spotted the post on social media, and clicked on the article to find out more.

It prompted loads of respondes including one from Linda Barella who used to be a regular visitor.

She said: “Used to get me fruit an veg there every week then in to food giant for the rest of the shopping then a taxi home.”

Linda said she had also got carpets, boots, shoes and “all sorts out the market.” She described them as “happy days” and lots of people agreed with her.

Used to get me fruit an veg there every week then in to food giant for the rest of the shopping then a taxi home

Linda Barella

Stephen Smith commented: “Only few stalls there now, such a shame.”

Tracey Botham said a lot had changed at the market and her other memories included being in the Chipper Club and winning tickets to see Santa.

Sam Sambo Mackay remembered days out and a great treat to go with it. Sam said: “Used to go with my grandma and we used to go the cafe think it was louies did frothy coffee.”

And the comments just kept on coming.

Here’s some more of your recollections;

Carol Fulton “John Downey had the best fish shop ever so popular”

Claire Henderson-Hackett “Helped my auntie with her shopping here every week as a kid x”.

Gavin Jobling commented: “Good memories of working on the fruit and veg stall didn’t realise how long ago it was”

He said 28 years had passed since he worked there.

Thomas Wright “Yeah I remember the old market where there was derelict land next to it long long time ago”

John Ralph Fenwick was another one with a special reason to remember the Park Lane market in bygone days.

He said: “I used to know a lot of the stall holders as my sister had sweet stall when they rebuilt it”

Shirley McQuillan “It’s about time it was revived .....x”

Helen Anne Dobinson “It’s such a shame it isn’t still like this.”

Fiona Staley-Jackson “Omg that brings back memories x”

Denise Bate “That is a while back”

April Parker had memories of buying a long rug there in the past.

Paul L Brown had a relative who worked there. He explained: “My mam used to work there for years”

Tracy Rodgerson was another employee and said: “god i worked there on the mens clothing unit.

Ade Onafuye “Parklane market, you a right. Good old days!!!!”

Josie Carlin differed with those who said it was a shame the market wasn’t like that now. She commented: “Yes it was great .and still is .xxx”

Thank you to everyone who shared their memories, including Stephen Smith, JC Bold, Lesley-Anne Fisher Watson, Brian Thurlbeck and Phil Carr.

Many of you also liked the photograph on social media, including Ellen Briggs, June Denley, Michael J Rayner, Barry Magee, Graeme Lock, Lisa Forgie, Lynn Ray, Diane Kay and Steven Moyle.

Likes also came from Jan Embleton, Tarith Lawrence, Sharon Lancaster, Bertie Laidler, Thomas Bradbury, Samantha Stephenson, Karen Nicholson, Jayne Wilson, Karl Robinson, Bernard Walsh, Judith Morrison and Mark Loughton.

Others who followed the article online included Carole Richardson, Neil Holliday, Rohi Farhang, Leslie Robin Burn, Ian Davies, Alyson Guy and Ruth ReahIan Dunn

We would love to hear from more people wanting to share their recollections of Park Lane market. What were the best stalls and when did you pay visits?

Who did you go with and which stalls did you like the best?

Anyone who would like to share their memories on the market, or any other aspect of Sunderland’s history, should contact Chris Cordner by emailing him at chris.cordner@jpress.co.uk