Fans were great, too

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SUNDERLAND fans have proved worthy ambassadors of Wearside, winning congratulations for their behaviour from many sources today.

A spokesman from the Metropolitan Police told the Echo the Sunderland fans had been very well behaved. There had been no trouble reported, and no arrests.

A senior Sunderland police officer who was at the Cup Final, bore out the comment. “I was amazed at the orderly behaviour of the fans in the ground,” he said, “but even more amazed at their behaviour when they left the ground. There was no trouble of any sort even when they were queueing for trains to get away from Wembley.”

But the biggest testimonial of all came from British Railway. A spokesman contacted the Press to say: “We would like to put on record our delight at the way Sunderland supporters behaved on the trains. We have been asked by British Railway at King’s Cross, too, to pass on their congratulations.

“There was not one report of trouble and not one report of damage on any of the 14 trains which took supporters to the Cup Final,” he said.

There was praise for the fans, too, for the orderly way they marshalled themselves for boarding the trains. “We could have wished for nothing better and we are highly delighted in every way,” he said.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on May 7, 1973.