“Don’t spoil it” – Stokoe

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“Let’s not spoil one of the best seasons the club has had for many years. We have learned to win, but if we have got to lose tonight let’s do it in the Roker tradition.” With these words Sunderland manager Bob Stokoe won the attention of the jeering fans at Roker Park last night when spectators were told that the referee had threatened to abandon the end-of-season game with Queen’s Park Rangers.

Mr Stokoe, pictured here addressing the crowd, added: “Let’s get the game finished, whatever the result. Then we can come back next season and start again.”

The manager of the F.A. Cup-holders was cheered and applauded and the game was restarted after a delay of eight minutes.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on May 10, 1973.