Doing the Continental - your memories of a great Sunderland venue

A scene inside the Continental in 1982.
A scene inside the Continental in 1982.
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We’re doing the Continental this week and asking for your memories of the hotel.

This great photograph from 1982 got the interest of more than 20,000 people on social media and many of you wanted to share your memories.

Old time dancing in 1983.

Old time dancing in 1983.

The response we got was great and included couples who met there for the first time including Colin Fozzard who said: “Sure do... met my wife there and 33 yrs on we’re still going strong.”

Jean Mcgroarty-Potts said: “my husband proposed to me in there x” and Pat Douglas commented: “We had our engagement upstairs in 1976 good times!!”

Judith Johnson remembered having her wedding reception there in 1984. Julie Heskett had her “Wedding do there 32 yrs ago.”

And Karen Anderson said: “Yes had my wedding reception there in 1981.”

Met my wife there and 33 yrs on we’re still going strong

Colin Fozzard

Others to comment were;

Jenny Sheane said: “Lived there, my late husband Brian Sheane was the manager for four years. Sams bar downstairs and function room above.”

Paul Chisholm told us: “First pub after i got off the bus at Joplings happy memories.”

Stephen George Burton recalled: “Great bar in the 70`s,jam packed every Friday night

Another view of the popular venue.

Another view of the popular venue.

Angela McGinley said: “Was a great place had some fun times in there.” Nana Smith told us: “I remember some really good nights in there.”

Catherine Simpson asked” Was it a restaurant once, I vaguely remember going there with mam and dad.” Can anyone help Catherine with a reply?

Julie Nelson said: “Loved the continental and sam’s bar” while Brenda Burrows said: “Loved that it was our meeting place.”

Anne Bingham reminisced: “Loved that pub had many good times in there” and Carolyn Armstrong said: “Loved the Continental in the 70’s and 80’s

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts.