Do you recognise anyone in these Durham Miners' Gala pictures?

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We will keep our fingers crossed for a sunny summer’s day for this year’s 133rd Durham Miners’ Gala, which is held on Saturday.

The sun was certainly shining on the miners and their families who attended the first gala in 1871 at Durham’s Wharton Park.

The gala in 1969.

The gala in 1969.

That first ‘Big Meeting’, as it is also known, was organised by the Durham Miners’ Association.

The colliery bands would march though their villages with their lodge banners, starting early in the morning to make their way to Durham.

That tradition continues today, with accompanying brass bands.

Were you one of the marchers or maybe a musician in one of the bands?

Once the speeches were over a service was held in Durham Cathedral for the miners.

As you can see from our archived photographs, the gala has always been popular – at one point more than 300,000 attended.

For some people it is an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane.

Email with your gala day memories.