Broken biscuits, bruised fruit and your memories of Grangetown shops

Grangetown pictured in July 1965.
Grangetown pictured in July 1965.
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These scenes from 1960s Sunderland had Echo readers reaching well back into their memory banks.

Both show Grangetown around 50 years ago and we were hoping you would cast your minds back.

Ryhope Road, Grangetown, in June 1962.

Ryhope Road, Grangetown, in June 1962.

You did, and you came up with some great recollections of swapping sweet coupons, saveloy dips, and shop assistants who loved to stop and have a chat.

We wanted to know which shops you remembered and Keith Hood said: “I remember them all. I went to Commercial Road Juniors, but in my final year my family moved to Tunstall so I used to get the number 22 bus from there up to the Leechmere Road terminus.”

His post prompted a response from Michael Lamb, who went to the same school.

But they weren’t alone in their responses. More than 14,000 of you spotted the post, with dozens posting their memories.

I was born in Markham Street just behind the Ryhope Road. I worked in Potts the draper shop from 14 till l was nearly 18

Mary Theresa Steel

Julie Hepworth was born in Alexandra Road in 1939 and said: “I went to Commercial Road and to the Bede. Happy days swapping sweet coupons when we ran out x.”

Doris Richardson commented: “I remember the chemist on the corner and there was Marshalls chemist further along. Jeffrey’s the butcher, gone! Regent Fashion, gone! Don’t remember Moores being along there, but I do remember Kemps being next to the club, and I remember Jacksons fish ‘n’ chips and the wet fish shop. Ahh the memories, eh?”

Indeed Doris, and thanks also to Paul Humble who told us: “The bus is just passing the petrol station and old Barclays Bank coming towards the Alexandra.”

Lyn Old told us: “My dad had a wallpaper shop there few years later. Fidler’s wallpapers.” Who remembers it?

Sue Hamilton said: “I remember Grangetown, lived in Leechmere Road. Brings back a lot of memories.”

Alex Gillon added: “I think that’s the butchers next to the Hillman Imp and the Triumph Herald.”

And James Appleby Jackson chipped in as well, remembering both fish shops, Handy Andy’s, a fruit shop, and Moores.

Thanks too to Ron Gardener, who told us: “Lived right behind in Balmoral Terrace.” He said the fish shop was in the middle.

Dean Howe contributed and said: “Lived in Westheath Avenue. Grangetown was such a great place to live!”

Thanks also to Maureen Watkins, who commented: “Lived in Westheath Aenue right at the top. One hell of a walk from Grangetown. We played on the park there, good days.”

Steven Vardy-Huntington spotted the old A19, and Ann Clare said: “Raines TV shop?”

Our second Grangetown photograph showed Ryhope Road in 1962, and this time 25,000 spotted the social media post.

Mary Theresa Steel said: “I was born in Markham Street just behind the Ryhope Road. I worked in Potts the draper shop from 14 till l was nearly 18. Then next door was Ayres grocery shop.

“The other way was Garbutts cake shop. You could buy everything you wanted in those days, and a lovely chat with the girls who served you.”

Graham Donkin said there had been “lots of changes. Jackson had both a fried and wet fish shop. Best Saveloy dips from Blenkinsops butchers and the bruised fruit and broken biscuits from Chalks and Moores were something else.”

Don Simpson remembered that Moores had a marble counter and both he and Keith Hood recalled Alan’s Handy Store (Handy Alan’s) just on the right edge of the photo.

Keith said: “I used to love looking in there while I was waiting for the 22 bus to take me up Leechmere Road. My first car was identical to that Triumph Herald. The car was a heap, but I still remember the reg,”

And Don replied: “I remember he used to have tin buckets and all sorts hanging around the front door. Sweet shop on the corner and the barbers above.”

David Wilson commented: “Dad and I would walk from Cleveland Road to the Regent once a week to see the current film on show, such a lovely cinema.”

Thanks to everyone who chipped in with memories.