Blacketts, Binns and Woolworths - popping down memory lane to these great Sunderland shops

Blacketts, pictured in 1977.
Blacketts, pictured in 1977.

Bargains, toys and penny mix-ups.

Sunderland’s shops had it all - and you lot were there hoping to sniff out a bargain.

We’ve taken a trip down memory lane and dug out some fantastic pictures of shoppers in Blacketts, Binns, Woolworths and more!

In pictures: Remembering Sunderland’s former Joplings store

You swept the sales, picked up a record and even stopped for a sweet treat on the way out.

Working or window-shopping, you all seemed to be enjoying yourselves in our city’s stores.

Flick through our gallery pictures above, and see if you can spot anyone you know