A ‘where were you when’ moment for SAFC fans

The homecoming parade reaches Roker Park in 1973.
The homecoming parade reaches Roker Park in 1973.
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It’s one of those ‘where were you when’ moments.

Sunderland brought the FA Cup home in May 1973 after their 1-0 victory against Leeds United at Wembley and it led to many wonderful scenes of celebration – including this famous moment inside Roker Park.

The parade on Durham Road going towards Sunderland city centre.

The parade on Durham Road going towards Sunderland city centre.

We asked what you remembered of the occasion and lots of you took the opportunity to tell us more.

Malcolm Henderson said: “I was in the Fulwell End. What a brill night. Pity there’s not been many of them days.”

Malcolm said he and his friend “ran on the pitch where the coffin was and started dancing rounding it”.

Gary Sandilands said: “I remember people on the pitch around it.”

I was in the Fulwell End. What a brill night. Pity there’s not been many of them days

Malcolm Henderson

Our post attracted the attention of more than 10.000 Sunderland Echo followers, and plenty of you took the time to like the post on social media.

They included Christine Thompson, Guo Huang, Sager Ali, Paul Maxfield, Valerie Robson, Kevin Lewis, Patrica Crowe, Enzo Scorpo, Paul Dodds, Alan Darwin, Niall Hall and June Coser.

Anthony Fletcher remembered the occasion well and said: “The man at the front built that coffin... his name was Billy Mould ... I worked with him ... great bloke ...”

John Harvey said they were “All lads from Railway Club Sunderland”.

And John G Hellens said he was “In the Main stand,” adding, “Great night.”

Others to like the post were Bev Mould, Joan McGuinness, Ernie Maughan, Rita Jameson, John Greener, Michael Napier, David Robson, Gillian Cave, James Mcmurrough, Ian Wainwright, Tony Smith, Jeanette Newton and Stew Hellens.

Plenty more people who were there that night also got in touch with us.

They included:

l Ken Ogle, who said: “I was there in the Fulwell End.”

l Alan Darwin commented: “Remember it like yesterday.”

l Mark Sutherland reminisced: “I was there ... Brilliant.”

l Tony Smith said: “Remember it well.”

l And Peter Simpson said: “I was there.”

Martin Barkes said he watched the FA Cup procession from the town bridge and he was there with his family.

Some of you commented on Sunderland’s change of fortunes and their current struggles.

But Chris Sumby said it was “not the end of the world”.

He added: “Just a reminder two of the Premier League Champions from the last five years were in League 1 / Div3 in the last 20 years.”

Linda Grierson said: “The saving grace at the moment is Chris Coleman. I hope he stays and is allowed to rebuild from scratch.”

The likes for the social media post just kept on coming and they also came from Barry Marshall, Gunnar Nilsen, Fred Danby, George Conley, Leslie Yeo, June Chaytors, Huu Nguyen, Graham Binks, Jim Grant and Becki Rogers.

They also came from Peter Woodhill, Gerard Lundie, Carole Ciampolillo, John Little, Colin Branthwaite, Kev McCoy, Andy Woodhouse, Keith Maynard, Margaret Warren and Peter Keillor.

Our thanks go to them all and we would love to hear from even more people with memories of that famous and historic night in Roker Park.

Were you there, or perhaps you were in another part of the town – or even further afield as the procession stretched all the way to Durham.

What do you remember of the day, and did you get to see the FA Cup and the Sunderland team?

Or is there another aspect of Wearside history you would prefer to reflect on?

You might want to reminisce on your schooldays and your memories of the teachers and classmates your shared those days with.

Maybe there is a favourite sweet shop, toy store, cafe, or restaurant which has always stuck in your mind.

Or perhaps you would like to share memories of a childhood sports event, or team which you were a part of and have always remembered.

Whatever the reason for getting in touch, contact us by emailing chris.cordner@jpress.co.uk