A lovely leg of lamb from Bob’s the Hylton Road butchers

Another view of Hylton Road in 1991.
Another view of Hylton Road in 1991.
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You went down the shops with a message from your mam - or perhaps to get a 50 pence wrap up.

But whatever your reason was for visiting, you loved your trips to the Hylton Road shops in Sunderland.

A view of the road in 2011.

A view of the road in 2011.

Every Saturday morning you went there, said some. Loved the butchers, said others.

And one, Helen Robinson, particularly remembered: “Used to get lovely legs of lamb at Bob Smith’s!”

We thought we’d share your memories of the shopping area after you responded in your hundreds to a photograph we posted on social media last week. We asked you if the 1991 view of the street had changed and most of you said it had.

But the photo had brought back great memories of a superb butcher Bob Smith - a real sawdust-on-the-floor type of place.

Me mam used to send me with a ten bob note on a Saturday and get a massive piece of meat for the Sundays dinner and still get change

Linda Barella

It brought back colourful memories for Pauline Jackson who said: “Oh wow, we lived locally and shopped here each day. Also remember when doing cookery at school (St Joseph’s) having to go in and ask for 4oz of mince meat to make a pie.”

Danielle Gales told us: “My grandads butcher shop, sadly never met him or got to visit the shop but so glad so many people had great experiences there.”

Melanie Wild remembered: “My mam got her meat from bob smiths ,always lovely. I remember waddling down there days before I had my first daughter Danielle Longley in 1988 for our Christmas turkey lol xxx.”

Susan Hollywood reminded us: “Yes it’s changed I remember Bob Smith when I was young. Went in with me mam. Now I live in the street, have done for 25 years love it good memories.”

Linda Barella was another to visit the butchers with a message from her mother. “Me mam Used to send me with a ten bob note on a Saturday and get a massive piece of meat for the Sundays dinner an still get change.”

Steven Smith said: “Was my grandads shop spent many days for my child hood in there with the family good memories.”

Michael Parkin loved it too. “Me mam would send me for the messages at Bob Smiths saturday mornings, and get pies n peas from Maws in Howarth Street.”

Dave Mack Mackel said: “My mam worked there (Nancy). My sister joined her a few years later (Anne).”

Chris Columbus informed us: “Bob sadly passed away around 1990 maybe 1991.”

There was a definite trend to the posts. Many remembered the messages your mams used to give you as you headed for the shops.

Charlie Adams said: “Can I have a 50p wrap up please.”

June Tye told us: “Every sat morning with a note from me mam. queue used to be round the corner most times.”

Kathy Calvesbert chipped in with: “Used to buy a half crown wrap up in the 60s got lots of things in it.”

Scooby Sue Mutch said: “Used to go there every sat morning x.”

And Jean Wright said: “I used to buy a 10 bob mix up years ago.”

Joanne Liddle Ross told us: “Mam used to go to that butchers every week.”

Jenny White said: “Yes shopped there a lot” and Audrey Brand told us: “Sawdust on the floor ! Good butcher !”

Susan Taylor was another who was there “Every Saturday,” adding: “and the fruit shop opposite can’t remember name now tho.”

Janice Richardson is still in the area and said; “Aww Bob Smiths....this is the end of my street.”

Lucy Greenwell Gilly said: “We spent many a Saturday here!” and Angela Mullen reeled off lots of names for us.

“Lived in Gilsland street from 1976, shopped in Hylton Road,at Bobs the butchers, Macki takeaway, Thursbys baby shop next to post office.”

Angela Hoey said: “This was my step dads shop” while Steve Evans didn’t think there had been much change at all.

“No it’s not changed a bit.”

James Richardson said: “Spent 10 happy years as owner of the stamp shop,,,met a lot of good people and made a lot of good friends,,,,the shoe shop is still there and the last time I was in Hylton Rd the owner was still the same person.”

Craig Richardson reckoned: “Looks worse now” while Josie Maltas said: “Save on shoes and manhattan pizza are still on that road!”

Thanks to everyone who responded.