13 places you just had to drink at during a 1980s Mackem pub crawl

People having fun at Bentleys.
People having fun at Bentleys.
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Doing “the Sunderland circuit” back in the 1980s required a cast-iron stomach - and lots of hairspray.

Indeed, there were so many pubs that t-shirts were even printed featuring lists of the best!

Close Encounters October 1981.

Close Encounters October 1981.

So backcomb your mullet, dig out those leg-warmers and dance back in time to when Madonna topped the charts and Vaux lager cost £1 a pint.

And don’t forget... All roads led to Annabels, Chambers, Ku, Finos, Barbary Coast, Dixon’s, Planet Suite or Close Encounters after last orders!

Depending on where your bus rolled in, your first port of call might have been...

1: The Continental: Usually packed right to the top of the entrance stairs - and known for the occasional fight or three.

Chambers and Gossip Nightclub in 1989.

Chambers and Gossip Nightclub in 1989.

2: Imperial Vaults: Jam packed, loud music, boiling hot, cheap beer.

3: The Central: Seats for those who needed to rest weary legs - and a great bar to help prop everyone else up.

4: Upper Deck: Built as part of the “windy city” shopping centre in the late 1960s. Popular until its closure following the roofing of The Bridges.

5: Beehive: Just around the corner from the Upper Deck, and always a great place for a game of pool.

Blandford Pub  August 1983.

Blandford Pub August 1983.

6: Painted Wagon. A Wild West-themed bar built into the ABC cinema. Perfect for fans of cardboard cut-out wagon wheels...

7: Borough: Serving pints of foaming goodness for decades - with decent bands playing upstairs as well.

8: Boulevard: Loud music, crush at bar etc.

9: Londonderry: Steeped in history, with a great pool table and wide choice of beers.

The Continental  June 1980.

The Continental June 1980.

10: Old 29: Brilliant live music - but a carpet of glass! Still much-mourned.

11: Dun Cow: Another historic watering hole - much favoured by theatre stars such as The Krankies...

12: The Gannet: Beloved by those doing the circuit.

13: Brewery Tap: Attached to Vaux and offering some of the best beer in town!

Then, if you were still standing, it was off to Annabels, Finos or Ku - depending on the night.

Or you could even try for last orders at the Ivy, Bentley’s, the Blue Bell at Fulwell, Marlow’s, the Blandford, the Alex or Windmills...