On The Waterfront: Recalling the days of veteran steamers

Nowadays, it’s unusual for elderly merchant ships to trade in UK waters as stringent maritime regulation and inspection regimes are likely to spot deficiencies and lead to detention of offending vessels.

Gladiators Panther and Wolf at the Central Stores in Sunderland to open its Christmas toys department in 1994.

Meeting the Gladiators while shopping in Sunderland

Gladiators ready?! Echo readers ready!

Chester Road School.

The Chester Road schooldays which shaped so many lives

Chester Road School left a big impression on George Ford.

Smiling faces in this Diamond Hall classroom line-up.

Remembering a special teacher from Diamond Hall School in Sunderland

Patricia Winston Hall had a real affinity with children – and with a huge section of Sunderland community life.


Snowy scenes from Sunderland's past

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Retro 1
The hotel reception.

One reader’s ‘first proper job’ at the Seaburn Hotel

Brenda Calvert loved her time at the Seaburn Hotel.

A DH9 at Hylton Airfield.

The days when fighter pilots aimed pistols at each other

Enormous technical developments have happened in the world of aeroplanes.


Pictures from the Sunderland Echo Christmas train to London

Christmas is coming and these archived photographs, from a November Sunderland Echo in 1994, showing a Christmas shopping trip to London are a timely reminder of the forthcoming festivities.

Blacketts - a former Wearside favourite.

Do you remember these favourite Sunderland stores?

A selection of great Wearside images have been published.

The Ryhope Toppers who were such fantastic fundraisers.

Top memories of some fantastic people from Ryhope

They were the loveliest of people and they still bring back fantastic memories.

The Christmas Nativity at St Leonard's School, Silksworth in 1974 .

The little angels who lit up the nativity stages of Wearside

Aww bless!


Remembering the miners at Wearside’s collieries

The pits that were once a major employer in our area have long gone.

The opening of the new school library with children's author Rob Lewis in 1993 - but who are the children with him?

Sparkling memories of Sunderland’s Diamond Hall school in the 1990s

Bless! Don’t you just love an old school photo.

Iris, Vi and Ken. Can anyone tell us more about them?

The pilots who defended the skies above Sunderland

A First World War pilot - and the Sunderland airfield he flew from - gets the attention of Wearside historian Trevor Thorne.

The Battle of the Somme.

The family which rose to power before war wiped them out

From eloping couples to encounters with highwaymen - one of the North-East’s most influential families has been investigated by retired teacher Maureen Taylor-Gooby.

Ken Barker who told the Echo all about his time at Blacketts.

The Sunderland salesman who loved his time at Blacketts

A grandad has recalled the good old days when he told a Sunderland store director to take him on - or miss out on the best young salesman on Wearside.


How did you help Children in Need?

Where does the year go?

A busy Sunderland in Edwardian times.

Who were the VIPs of Sunderland’s Edwardian era?

Here’s a pub question for you.

When two Sunderland-built ships became the centre of an intriguing Cold War dispute

When two Sunderland-built ships became the centre of an intriguing Cold War dispute

A contract won by Bartram and Sons in 1948 to build two motor tankers for Gdynia America Shipping Lines (later Polish Ocean Lines) lead to an intriguing Cold War dispute.

The ballroom at the Seaburn Hotel.

The story of one woman’s life - and how the Seaburn Hotel played a key part

It’s been a fascinating life for Brenda Graham.

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