Picture that spurred mum to shed the pounds thanks to Slimming World

Glynis Carr before joining Slimming World in Cleadon.
Glynis Carr before joining Slimming World in Cleadon.
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A MUM has proved so effective in shifting her own weighty problem that she has become a slimming leader.

Glynis Carr, a mum of four, has shifted an impressive five stone and is now determined to help others do the same.

Glynis Carr of South Shields after joining Slimming World.

Glynis Carr of South Shields after joining Slimming World.

Glynis, 37, joined a Slimming World group in All Saints Church, Cleadon, after a photo gave her the wake up call she needed to get into shape once and for all.

Glynis, mum to Abigail, 11, Thomas, 10, and twins Sophie and James, four, said: “It was after my cousin’s wedding in Scotland when my weight finally hit me. The outfit which I had chosen for the day looked good on me, in my head.

“In reality, flicking through the photographs a few days later, I was horrified to see this gigantic thing slightly resembling that woman who looked back at me in the mirror every day.”

Glynis was referred to Slimming World by her GP and joined her mother-in-law, another Slimming World convert, in attending the weekly groups.

“My mother-in-law asked me to give it a go with her, so I went along.

“It was the best thing I ever did,” said Glynis. “It’s changed my life completely.”

Group leader Angela Smith spotted how well Glynis was doing and was eager to recruit her into the Slimming World staff.

Glynis added: “Angela said how well I had been doing and would I like to give it a go and become a consultant.”

After thinking it over, Glynis decided she wanted to give it a go and help others shed stones and change their lives.

She said: “Helping other people is so exciting. I feel so much better health-wise and with the fact I can keep up with the kids now. It’s so good for the whole family. You can eat healthily on a budget and eat food that the family will all love.”

Glynis has shrank from 17 stone and a dress size 24 down to a healthy size 14 and is still losing pounds.

Glynis added: “I stepped on the scales the other day and I’d gone below another stone, I got quite emotional really, knowing I’m in control now.”

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