PICTURE SPECIAL: Sunderland local football teams from the past

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Sunday morning football has long been a favourite pastime of Sunderland's menfolk.

Saturday teams weren't short of would-be superstars either as lads and blokes donned their boots to live out their dreams - or at least run around a bit before it was time to go for a few pints with their mates.

Do you know anyone in this Dawdon team?

Do you know anyone in this Dawdon team?

Susan Swinney has been delving deep into our photo archives to dig out some great old teamgroups from the 1980s and 1990s.

Did you play for Houghton Buffs, Sunderland Shipbuilders, the Dray and Horses, Phili Workshops, Lambton Street or Binns?

They're just a few of the teams featured in this slideshow. See if you can spot yourself, or any of your family or friends.

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