National Allotment week: How can I get an allotment in Sunderland?

The national week is coming up and here’s all you need to know if it inspires you to try and get your own space.

Starting on August 8, National Allotments Week is an event set up by the National Allotment Society to celebrate those who grow their own fruit and vegetables as well as the benefits the sites can bring.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the national week with the National Allotment Society claiming “interest in growing your own fruit and vegetables has never been stronger since the WW2 Grow for Victory campaign.”

How can I get an allotment in Sunderland?

National Allotment Week is coming up and here’s all you need to know if it inspires you to try and get your own space.(Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

The majority of allotments across Sunderland are operated by Sunderland City Council, although some are administered by an allotment association.

There are a total of 78 allotment sites run by Sunderland City Council in addition to a further 15 which are run through the association model.

Applying for an allotment across the city is a simple process. All potential green-fingered residents need to do is complete a form on the Council’s website before being offered the chance to apply for ask any questions regarding allocation or the process itself.

Once they know which allotment site you want to be a part of from the council’s list of sites, applicants are able to choose a first choice and second choice site.

Once these sites have been selected, the request will be put on a waiting list.

These waiting lists vary in length depending on the amount of free plots available at the requested sites and the amount of requests for these sites.

If an application is successful they will be contacted by the council.

Where are Sunderland’s allotments?

Allotments across the city are broken down into six groups. These are:

Sunderland North which covers seven sites across Southwick, Fulwell and Roker.

Sunderland East which includes six sites across Hendon, Ryhope and Deptford.

Sunderland West which covers seven sites across Tunstall, Pallion and the surrounding areas.

Washington which covers 18 sites across Concord, Biddick and Washington itself

Coalfield which covers 25 sites across Houghton, Easington Lane, Hetton, East Rainton and the surrounding areas.

Penshaw which covers Penshaw itself, Shiney Row and Herrington.