North east residents: win your rent or mortgage for the next three months for £2

Feeling financial pressure? Enter a new regional prize draw to win your rent or mortgage payments for three months.

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Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 9:28 am
People of the North East can now win a cash prize equivalent to three months' home rent or mortgage, all for a 2 pound entry ticket.

People of the North East can now win a cash prize equivalent to three months' home rent or mortgage, all for a £2 entry ticket.

Called Lucky B**, the prize draw is operated as a family business in the North East.

The idea for the prize draw originally came from a local tenant who was struggling to pay his rent. He suggested to directors Tom and Andrew Cleghorn that so many people needed help to pay the biggest household bill of the month. The Lucky B** prize draw was born.

The new business, run by Andrew and Tom, works on a ticket system with winning numbers drawn at the end of each month.

The lucky winner receives a cash prize equivalent to three months of their own mortgage or rent, while ten runners up each win £100 cash.

The draw is currently only open to people living in the North East but the brothers already have plans to expand further draws to other regions around the country.

Andrew said, “In the North East, many people struggle to cover their bills every month and rent and mortgage costs are usually the toughest ones to pay. Mortgage and rent arrears are still an awful fact of life in the North East so we are hoping our winners enjoy being stress free and enjoy their spare cash.”

“We know people can find things tough and we wanted to help take the financial pressure off for a few months so we’ve developed Lucky B**. We believe this is the first prize draw of its kind in the country that gives people the chance to win the value of their mortgage or rent paid for three months.”

Lucky B** is safe, secure, quick and simple to enter. Tickets can be bought online on the Lucky B** website for only £2.

The business has teamed up with local mental health charity ‘Sunderland Mind,’ who offer support to those suffering with mental health issues. These issues can often be exacerbated by every day financial pressure.

Mind have been based in Sunderland City centre for over 45 years and have recently opened an amazing new facility and premises in Hendon.

Anyone can seek help from Mind. Simply pop in for a friendly chat or call Mind on: 0191-5657218.

Lucky B**’s first prize draw will take place on February 28th. Each draw will be independently adjudicated and filmed live for full transparency. The winners will be photographed claiming their prize, with the images appearing in their local newspaper if they wish. The winning results will be published on our website and across social media.

Tom said “The money is paid three months in advance and is the winners to spend however they wish. It doesn’t have to be spent on household bills but we know for many people it will take away some financial burdens for at least a few months.”

For more information or to enter the Lucky B** draw, go to, or find them on Facebook or Twitter @UKLuckyB or on Instagram @uk_luckyb

There is a first time player discount of 20% by using PROMO CODE: ECHO20