New Sunderland centre is in good health

Dr Shoaib Khan of Hylton Medical Group at the new Pallion Health Centre
Dr Shoaib Khan of Hylton Medical Group at the new Pallion Health Centre
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A NEW £10.6million health centre has opened its doors to patients.

Replacing the previous run-down and aging site, Pallion Health Centre has now been transformed.

The new centre houses a range of services as part of NHS South of Tyne and Wear’s scheme to improve care for patients.

GPs, health visitors, district nursing, podiatry, cardiology specialist nurses and treatment rooms are some of the new services available.

GPs at the centre, which include Dr Al-Khalidi, Dr Khan and Dr Ahmed, Dr Lefley and Associates, Dr Shetty and Partners, who had moved to on-site temporary accommodation, have now returned to the new centre and are treating patients.

Other services which moved temporarily whilst work was completed are now back in operation at the site including Rowland’s Pharmacy, with the continence service expected to return at the end of November.

Work on the building’s exterior will continue until next month.

Dr Shoaib Khan of Hylton Medical Group said: “The new building is a total transformation from the old Pallion Health Centre, which was outdated and no longer fit for purpose.

“The new health centre provides staff with a modern, spacious environment in which they can continue to deliver an excellent level of care to patients.”

An increase in car parking spaces on-site at the centre is nearing completion.

A control system will also be introduced so that only patients of the health centre can park there.

Peter Todd, capital projects manager at NHS South of Tyne and Wear, which covers Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust, said: “The new building is visually-impressive, easier for patients to use and is much more environmentally-friendly, reflecting best practice in sustainable design.

“The internal spaces have been designed to be light, open and welcoming and we have incorporated interest in the form of specially commissioned artwork and design features such as the green bio wall.

“We hope this will contribute positively to the patient experience for this part of Sunderland.”

Jennifer Martin, 41, who lives in Cona Street, Pallion, said: “It’s good to see this place is taking shape and everyone is looking forward to using the services. We need something like this round here.”

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