When will the £150 cost of living disability payment be available to Sunderland residents?

Around six million UK residents who qualify for disability payments are entitled to a one-off £150 payment from the Government this Autumn.

One of the Government payments used to assist with the rising cost of living is set to acknowledge the additional costs which come from being disabled in the UK, and here’s all you need to know.

When will the disability payment be made available?

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Payments have already begun filtering out this week with the vast majority of eligible recipients expected to get their payments by early October.

When will the £150 cost of living disability cost of living payment be available to Sunderland residents?

How will it be paid?

Much like the other support payments which are being put out throughout the year, the payments should drop into the bank accounts of eligible members of the public. This will be the same bank account as their regular support payments are put into.

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What can I do if I’m eligible and don’t receive the payment?

Anyone is able to report a missed payment. This can be done through a form on the Department for Work and Pensions website.

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Who is eligible for the payment?

Those who receive the following disability benefits may be eligible for the one-off payment of £150:

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Disability Living Allowance Personal Independence Payment Attendance Allowance Scottish Disability Benefits (Adult Disability Payment and Child Disability Payment) Armed Forces Independence Payment Constant Attendance Allowance War Pension Mobility Supplement

Those who confirmed payment of their disability benefit for Wednesday, May 25 are expected to be paid shortly after the payment window opens. Those waiting for confirmation of their disability benefits on the same date, or are waiting to be assessed for eligibility regarding disability benefits may need to wait longer, although payments will still be made automatically.

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Potential recipients must have received a payment (or later receive a payment) of one of these qualifying benefits for Wednesday, May 25 2022 to get the payment.

What other payments have already become available?

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More than one million households are set to receive two payments totalling £650 to support those in need as the rising cost of living continues to hit the public hard.

The first of these saw £326 paid in early September with the second payment of £324 expected to be paid later this year.