Make the most of pumpkin leftovers

Cook with pumpkin leftovers.
Cook with pumpkin leftovers.
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A slimming expert from South Tyneside is hoping to inspire some healthy pumpkin-based meals this Halloween.

Claire Ball, who runs a Slimming World group at Harton & Westoe Miners Welfare in South Shields, says people watching their weight can whip up a guilt-free meal with the leftovers from Halloween lanterns.

She said: “At Halloween lots of us love to hollow out pumpkins to make scary faces, whether it’s for parties, decoration or as a fun family activity.

“Very often we throw the flesh in the compost or the bin without a second thought, but anyone doing that is wasting a healthy and filling food that could be the basis of a spookily great family meal.

“From pumpkin curry to pumpkin soup, there are loads of tasty meals you can create with chunks of pumpkin. My favourite is a delicious and filling pumpkin, bacon and sage tagliatelle, though, and my whole family loves it too.”

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