Infection test for gig-goers

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THOUSANDS of young music fans are being urged to “pee in a posh loo” at a North East festival.

NHS screening teams from the region are urgning visitors to Evolution to take a free chlamydia test.

It is the North East’s most common sexually transmitted infection.

New figures show about 10,000 new cases were diagnosed in 2011 alone.

Left untreated it can lead to serious health problems including infertility in both men and women.

Visitors to Evolution, on Sunday and Monday, can access posh loos to pee in a pot and spend a penny in style to take the screening test.

They can choose whether to receive their results either via text, letter or phone call.

Fergus Neilson, sexual health lead at NHS North East said: “Chlamydia often doesn’t show any symptoms and people who are infected often don’t know they’ve got it.

“We’re really keen to encourage all young people aged 15 to 24 years who are sexually active and particularly young men aged 20 to 24 years who are sexually active, to take the free and simple test whilst they are here at Evolution and avoid making a separate trip to a clinic.”

Young people not going to Evolution but who want to take the free chlamydia test can order it from, or text GREMLIN, with your full name and address to 80010, or telephone 229 2958.