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Let us see your One Summer’s Day pictures

Summer has truly arrived and in the warm temperatures everybody is looking to have fun in the sun.


Travel back in time to watch a gallery of 1996 Sunderland Echo pictures

In the mood for "more" Sunderland Echo nostalgia pictures?


Pictures from the grand finale of the Tall Ships in Sunderland

Sunderland's seafront was bathed in glorious sunshine as the Tall Ships which have been such a big part in city life this week set off once more.

Banana divisions on sale in Funchal, Madeira.

Gardening: The dangers of bringing plants home from a holiday abroad

The RHS and Defra are asking holidaymakers not to bring plants back in their hand baggage from holidays, saying it could introduce new pests and diseases to the UK.


Tall Ships leave Sunderland in Parade of Sail

And it's good bye from them.

Crews prepare to sail off from Sunderland ahead of Tall Ships Races

Crews are making last-minute preparations for the Parade of Sail and the beginning of the Tall Ships Races.
An amazing night at the Tall Ships in Sunderland

Stunning, breathtaking, awe-inspiring - pictures from a dazzling night at Sunderland Tall Ships

Wow - just wow!

Wearmouth Bridge becomes waterfall of fire as gorgeous show provides backdrop to breathtaking high wire performance at Sunderland Tall Ships

The Wearmouth Bridge became a waterfall of fire and the riverside was alive with lights, colour and crowds as a spectacular show served as the backdrop to the Tall Ships high wire performance.
Picture by Iain Malcolmson

Where and when you can see the Parade of Sail: A guide to the grand finale of the Tall Ships in Sunderland

It's the grand finale and a chance to say a fond farewell to the beautiful ships that have been berthed in Sunderland for the past few days.

Daredevil performers complete dazzling high wire crossing 100ft up over the River Wear at Sunderland Tall Ships

It was the one time performers didn’t want to make a splash as two daring tight rope artists made their way across the Wear - minus a safety net.

German captain praises warm welcome in Sunderland as crew enjoy Tall Ships

The captain of a German ship set to take part in tomorrow's Tall Ships Race say he and his crew have been given a warm welcome since arriving into Sunderland.

See the bird's eye view from the observation wheel at Sunderland Tall Ships

This is the view from the giant observation wheel at Sunderland Tall Ships.

Schooner hand-built by Spanish family among stars of Tall Ships in Sunderland

A ship built by a Spanish family from trees they felled themselves is among the more impressive ships in Sunderland for the Tall Ships.
A familiar scene in bygone Durham with the police box in the foreground and Doggarts in the distance.

The Durham landmark which was almost as famous as the cathedral and castle

Durham has many famous attractions. We all know about the cathedral and castle, as well as the big annual events such as the Big Meeting and the Durham Regatta.

Viktor Rybka and Mie Schiett

Sailing couple enjoy Tall Ships in Sunderland

A Scandinavian sailing couple are loving life at the Tall Ships in Sunderland.


'Fantastic to see River Wear full of ships once more' - visitors wowed by Tall Ships in Sunderland

Visitors have been wowed by the Tall Ships in Sunderland - and Wearsiders have been full of pride to see the river full of ships once more.

Where and when to see the Tall Ships crew parade in Sunderland

A 1200-strong parade of ships’ crews from around the world will make its way through the streets of Sunderland today as part of the Tall Ships events.


Day two of the Tall Ships Races in Sunderland

An exciting week in Sunderland continues as we head into day two of the Wearside leg of the Tall Ships Races.

Amazing footage as ship sails youngsters from Tyne to Wear for Tall Ships in Sunderland

These are the amazing sights and experiences a team of adventure-seeking youngsters got to drink in as they embarked on a on a tall ship and set sail along the stunning North East coastline.

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