How you can help this French Bulldog owner save her puppy's life

A French Bulldog owner is fighting to save her puppy’s life after discovering that her frenchie needs a £2,000 MRI scan.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 7:00 am
Dayni Douthwaite and daughter Mylie humphrey, 10 are fundraising for French Bulldog Saffie's MRI scan

Saffie, the Frenchie, is 15-months-old and her owner, Dayni Douthwaite, 37, from Southwick, is fighting to save her life.

Saffie was given to Dayni as a gift from her daughters’ auntie who lives in Italy after Dayni’s family dog sadly passed away due to heart failure.

Saffie was sent on her travels to Amsterdam at four-months-old, and Dayni travelled to Amsterdam via ferry to collect her.

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Saffie is adored by Dayni Douthwaite and her daughter Mylie

Dayni said: “She was just amazing and I was so grateful for such a beautiful gift. My daughters were besotted with her and so excited when I walked through the door with her.”

Saffie quickly settled but one day, while Dayni was doing housework, Saffie had a fall down the stairs.

Dayni said: “I ran to her and she seemed fine. She was still running about as puppies do but a week later I noticed she was head-tilting and unsteady on her feet. I rushed her straight to a vet.

“They advised me to put her to sleep. I was absolutely distraught. I begged them to try something to help her, but they refused.”

Saffie the French bulldog is in need of an MRI scan

Dayni got advice from her friend to call Kings Road Vets in Sunderland and Saffie received emergency treatment there.

Saffie recovered within two weeks and grew stronger but after around three months, she started to become unsteady again.

Dayni has now been told that Saffie needs an MRI scan to find out what is wrong. These scans cost around £2,000 pound Dayni who is a single parent and works part time can’t afford it. She has set up a Go Fund Me page in the hopes of raising the money to save Saffie.

Dayni said: “I know it’s a lot of money but even if people could spare just £1, it’s £1 closer to reaching the goal. Please help me save my dog. I can’t bare to lose her. She’s helped me and my family so much with the grief of losing one pet, now I face losing her too.”

You can donate by searching ‘HELP SAVE SAFFIE’ on the Go Fund Me website.