Grow your own perfume

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LOVE the original Chloe perfume? Dior’s 1980s favourite Poison or Juicy Couture’s eponymous scent?

Then you need to grow some tuberoses. They’re no ordinary roses – in fact, they have nothing to do with the rose family at all.

The tuberose is part of the lily family and has white, waxy long stems of blooms that produce the most intoxicating fragrance I’ve ever smelt.

The smell gets released at dusk and overnight. The essential oils are much prized by perfumiers. The smell is described as heady, sweet, exotic, complex and floral and is highly concentrated.

I picked up four bulbs for free in an offer a couple of years ago.

I planted them in a pot, they did nothing and I was convinced they had died.

However, four months after planting, shoots started to emerge. There were green strap-like leaves, but no flowers until last November. This year, they’re much stronger, with the first flower spike in bloom now.

In fact, they’re stronger all round. Only two flowers have opened and when I go into the conservatory every morning, the smell has built up to almost eye-watering proportions – and that’s with the windows open!

They’ve been surprisingly easy to grow and Thompson & Morgan still sell them, four bulbs for £11.99.