Gifts WE want for Christmas!

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ARE you a gardener who wants an out-of-the-ordinary gift or are you stumped as to what to buy for your loved one?

Compiled by me, with suggestions from readers and online followers, here are some ideas for inspiration...

* Suttons Seeds and James Wong have joined forces to create Homegrown Revolution varieties.

Including exotic lime-tasting tomato Tomatillo and Microgreen Herbs, they make a great stocking filler at £1.85 a packet.

* Left-handed pruner by Darlac, £13.95, plus £4.95 pp from, catalogue reference 103.

The carbon steel blades are reversed for a clean and straight cut and are slim enough for even a small hand. They’re easily sharpened and adjusted.

* Peta UK (Practical Ergonomic and Therapeutic Aids) designs, manufactures and supplies tools, aids and assistive devices for sufferers of arthritis and other conditions resulting in reduced grip strength.

Its tools have recently been tested by Thrive, a small national charity that uses gardening to change the lives of disabled people.

Ling Woo, a volunteer at Thrive, said: “The tools certainly enhance our gardeners’ experience and enable them to enjoy their work in greater comfort. I have been particularly impressed by the arm support cuff, which has given those who struggle to control their movements excellent guidance and support.”

A set of three Easi-Grip tools (cultivator, fork and trowel, save 20 per cent, price £25, plus £3.50 post and packing, ref: PGT-X3,

* Heavy day digging and your back’s killing you?

This Hot Ginger Muscle Rub at will help.

Just rub a pea-sized amount into each affected muscle group.

The non-greasy blend, can also be used pre-exercise to “warm up” the muscles and its heat reactivates during exercise.

Post-exercise, the 98 per cent natural blend is an excellent aid to recovery of muscle fatigue.

The warmth of the ginger root essential oil is balanced with sweet fennel and rosemary to create a pleasant, subtle fragrance. Stocked by Holland and Barrett, Blandford Street, Sunderland, rrp £9.95.

* Hands take a battering, especially in winter and I wouldn’t be without Gardeners Hand Therapy from Crabtree and Evelyn.

Nutrient-rich shea butter helps nourish and condition work-roughened hands, with the lovely scent of clover, lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme, rrp £14, online from Dalton Park outlet store, Unit 83-84 or online from

* The Hotbin composts all food and garden waste – 34 times faster than a traditional design!

This innovative bin maximises the right conditions to make hot composting easier, allowing you to utilise all domestic food waste without the problems of odour, vermin or flies.

It’s an aerobic system which keeps the compost at 60˚C, meaning you can harvest every 90 days.

At £149.99, it’s not cheap, but perfect if you use a lot of compost,

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