Geordie Shore’s Sunderland girl “drank tequila like water” while filming in Mexico

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REALITY TV star Charlotte-Letitia Crosby says she “drank tequila like water” for the latest series of contoversy-stirring Geordie Shore.

The 22-year-old former St Anthony’s schoolgirl jetted 5,000 miles from Wearside to Mexico to spend six weeks filming the third series.

It sees her and her fellow house mates living it up Cancun-style in the country’s biggest partying hot spot.

Charlotte, from Biddick Woods, said: “I’ve just seen the new advert for it which shows clips from the show and it looks crazy.

“I got butterflies watching it. It’s three months since we were there and I had kind of forgotten how crazy it was.

“We’re were out every night and every day, so we had two hangovers a day. We drank tequila like water towards the end and didn’t even need the salt and lime.”

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The former Ttonic barmaid remained tight-lipped about her on/off romance with fellow cast member Gary, but says the show it’s still a rollercoaster ride.

“I go into every series thinking god, I don’t know what’s going to happen, this is going to be boring, but something always happens.”

She added: “When I was over there I didn’t have one highlight, I just enjoyed living together.

“You build up such a bond with one another as well as the crew. It’s amazing how close you get. I feel like the luckiest girl getting the chance to go.”

Geordie Shore has caused controversy ever since it was first aired in May last year for its portrayal of North East nightlife.

The ten housemates are filmed while out partying, and sexual scenes are a regular feature of the show.

But Charlotte says the criticism the show has sparked is part of its allure.

“The same reason it gets slated, is the same reason it does so well.

“People say they hate it because we’re drunk slobs and that we give the area bad name, but that’s the same reason it does well because people do that in every day life.

“People who hate it still watch it. That’s the exact reason why it works.”

She also says the out-spoken criticism the show attracts doesn’t bother her.

“I don’t go out in Sunderland any more because all the bars are closed, perhaps Geordie Shore should film there.

“But I do go shopping there all the time and people are lovely to me face to face. They just come up and ask for pictures.

“We do get the odd bad Tweet every now and again, but why would I be bothered what a random thinks of me?

“There are always going to be people that don’t like you, it’s like schoolyard bullying.

“There were people who didn’t like me before, it’s just that now I’m on the telly.

“I put myself out there, so people are going to have an opinion.”

*Geordie Shore: Chaos in Cancun, kicks off on Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

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