GARDENING: Of perennials and tendonitis

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HAVE you seen that episode of The Good Life when Tom and Barbara have to get their harvest in after a storm and a host of injuries?

Well, my trial herbaceous perennials arrived from Plant Me Now – with me having wrist tendonitis, the offending joint in a splint for six weeks or so. Gallantly, Gary planted them.

The two raised beds weren’t empty – I’d started before the injury. The colour scheme’s white, pink, blue and purple, with highlights of lime and gold.

One end’s very sunny, the other shady, with a 6ft new heavy-duty trellis fence backing it.

On the fence are two pink James Galway climbing roses from David Austin. There’s also a variegated holly (Ilex x altaclerensis Lawsonia), which will be clipped into a pyramid when big enough.

To fill in the gaps, there’s a golden hop (Humulus lupulus Aureus) and the old Clematis montana Elizabeth is coming away, after being hacked down to a stump. At the sunny end, I’ll plant sweet peas.

There’s also a large globe artichoke for height and its leaves, plus three Salvia Victoria I was convinced would die over winter – not so!

At the shady end, I’ve used some Rodgersia divisions, underplanted with golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia Aurea).

There’s a planting pocket in the gravel at this end, which houses a soft shield fern (Polystichum setiferum) and hosta Big Daddy.

Fingers crossed for good weather and no pests!

THE herbaceous perennials used arrived either as starter plants or larger garden ready ones.

6 x Shasta daisy Aglaia – white, frilly daisies, yellow eye, flowers May-September, good for bees. (height 100cm)

3 x Veronica Atomic Silvery Pink Ray – spikes of very pale pink flowers from June-September (h. 40cm)

3 x Heuchera Silver Bush – silver foliage, purple veins and undersides, feathery sprays of pink-white flowers, May-July (h. 30cm)

3 x Heuchera Alabama Sunrise – lime leaves with distinct purple/red veining, flowers March-May (h.45cm)

4 x Geranium Rozanne – voted RHS Plant of the Century. Sky blue flowers from May-October, good for bees (h.45cm)

3 x Euphorbia amygdaloides Purpurea – purple foliage and stems, lime-green flowers from April-June, good for bees. (h.30cm)

 For more information on the perennials, go to Prices range from £2-6.

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