GARDENING: Jobs to do this weekend

Runner beans will collapse if they don't have a good framework to cling to.
Runner beans will collapse if they don't have a good framework to cling to.
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It might be a bit blustery, but there’s still plenty of jobs you can do in the garden this weekend.

• Don’t forget to give greenhouse plants more space as they put on new growth. This will help to prevent disease, and to contain early pest infestations.

• Perennials such as hollyhock, delphiniums and lupins can be sown directly into drills outside. If space is limited, sow them into pots and place them in a cold frame or by the base of a sheltered wall in filtered sunlight.

• Hellebore seed can be harvested once the seed heads have ripened. Sow immediately, while fresh – they need a winter’s cold season in order to break their dormancy. Seed-grown plants will differ from the parent.

• Spreading and trailing plants, can become tatty – trim them back after flowering encourages fresh growth and new flowers.

• Tackle bindweed when it appears in a border.

• Stake tall perennials to prevent wind damage to flower spikes.

• Inspect lilies for the scarlet lily beetle and crush them.

• Tie in climbing and rambling roses as near to horizontal as possible. This will encourage side-shoots to grow along the length of stem, for more flowers.

• In wet areas, plant containerised trees and shrubs. In dry districts, wait until autumn.

• Mow pathways through areas of long meadow grass to allow access to other areas of the garden.

• Ward off carrot fly by covering plants with a fine woven plastic mesh like Enviromesh.

• Net cherries against birds, keep protection in place for all soft fruit.