GARDENING: Jobs for the weekend August 15-16

Now's the time to apply biological ocntrols against vine weevils.
Now's the time to apply biological ocntrols against vine weevils.
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After a couple of days indoors due to the weather, there’s hopefully plenty to do this weekend if it dries up.

• Pinks and carnations can be propagated by layering. Divide iris rhizomes if not done last month.

• Rock garden plants, such as Helianthemum and Aubrieta can be propagated from cuttings.

• Keep picking/deadheading flowers to encourage more flower buds to form and open.

• It’s a good time to apply biological controls for vine weevil. Grubs will be starting to hatch and soil temperatures are now suitable for the nematodes to be effective. Target vulnerable plants such as Rhododendron, Camellia, Heucheras and strawberries and container plants, including Fuchsias.

• Black spot on roses is very common and spraying will no longer be effective. Clear fallen leaves and burn them to prevent spread.

• Mow lightly and frequently so that short grass clippings can remain on the lawn to act as a moisture-retentive mulch. Excess thatch can be scarified out next month.

• Start harvesting maincrop potatoes as the leaves yellow and die back. Store tubers in hessian sacks which exclude light but allow ventilation.

• Sweetcorn is ready when you can pop a kernel with your nail and the juices are milky.

• On a dry sunny day, collect seeds of herbs such as dill, fennel, caraway and chervil and dry in a warm spot out of direct sunlight.

• Watch out for potato and tomato blight. Remove and destroy affected plants immediately.