GARDENING: Free seeds up for grabs

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I KNOW how popular the last Plant World Seeds offer was – now there’s two new free seed packets with my exclusive voucher code.

Plant World Seeds will send you a packet of tomato First In The Field and one of Dierama (angels’ fishing rods mix) if you place an order on its website, together worth £4.50.

Bush tomato First In The Field will do well outdoors. It’s a compact plant producing a heavy, long-season crop of small to medium bright red juicy fruits with a strong and distinctive wine-like flavour. (Usual price £1.75.)

Hardy perennial Dierama is a member of the Iris family, originally from Southern Africa. Commonly known as angels’ fishing rods or wandflowers, they are evergreen with a range of flower colours, grow to 60-90cm tall – and are very in vogue!

Plant World Jewels is exclusive to Plant World Seeds. The mix is made up of dwarf and medium-sized crosses between the pygmy D. pauciflorum, D. dracomontanum and D. igneum.

These spectacular new flower forms are produced two to three weeks earlier than previous varieties, extending the flowering period. (Usual price £2.75.)

To claim your seeds, when you get to the payment stage, fill in the promotion code box with SUND3, then the two packets will be automatically added to your order free of charge. To browse the catalogue, visit

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