GARDENING: Christmas gifts for growers

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NON-GARDENERS are often stumped when it comes to Christmas presents for us. My family won’t believe I’d be happy with a tonne of soil, but I would.

If you want something fancier, here’s new gifts from the retailers.

•Dobies Collectible Seed Tin, £6.99, or £2 if ordered with three or more packets of seeds,

•County Durham specialist nursery Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries has launched gift vouchers - perfect for the plantaholic whose present list baffles non-gardeners!

If you don’t know your Rhodohypoxis from your Rhododendron, play safe and order a voucher at
•Harrod Horticultural’s snow woman bird feeder will brighten up a winter day, holds 0.68kg of sunflower seeds, price £16.95 + P&P, log on to

•Mr Fothergill’s Grow Your Own Pesto Kit includes basil seed, compost discs, a ceramic pestle and mortar, and instructions, £6.95,

•Even the worst gardener couldn’t kill this - wax-coated red Amaryllis bulb, will bloom in three to five weeks and needs no watering: in black/snow coating or red/snow coating, £14.99,

•If you’ve a bit more skill, try this Amaryllis Benfica (red) or Charisma (salmon/white) Bulb Bag, £9.95 each,

•Make sure you’re well stocked with Christmas apples and walnuts in years to come - Apple Paradis Myra, stores well into the festive season, two-year bush in 10l pot £34.40; walnut Franquette, strong tree in 10l pot, £51.90, both

•Gardening Deluxe Hamper: A 50x36x17cm wicker basket filled with double hanging basket, 20 packets of seeds, trowel, fork, DVD, copper labels, plant labels and pencil, seed tin, £10 voucher, three catalogues, 750g Incredibloom, secateurs, three flower pouches, 20 coir seed/cutting pellets, 20 pricking out pots - £74.99,

•Kitchen herb mat: Impregnated with sweet basil, red basil, chives, garlic chives, oregano, thyme, rocket, sage and fenugreek, measures 200cm x 45cm - £4.95,