GARDENING: Caring for a live Christmas tree

Nordman Fir Christmas tree''Jadecliff
Nordman Fir Christmas tree''Jadecliff
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YOUR other option when you consider your Christmas tree is a live tree with a rootball.

Obviously, because of the weight, you’re going to get a much smaller tree (and they’re expensive).

But the advantage is you can plant it outside in the garden when you’re finished.

However, if a live rootball tree is inside for longer than 10 days, it will be less likely to survive once planted.

Before bringing it inside, put it in the garage or in the porch for a few days, so it is not as shocked by the temperature difference.

You’ll want to do the same when bringing it back outside.

My mother did this when I was a child, only to be removed when it outgrew its welcome.

Environmentally­wise, most trees come from Christmas tree farms, not natural forests, and are replaced.

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association has a list of sellers on its website HERE.