GARDENING: Beamish is all set for its annual display of bumper vegetables

Traditional winning paired leeks.
Traditional winning paired leeks.
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Beamish Leek Show takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 12-13, and all gardeners are invited to take part, not just experts.

Categories are free to enter and the emphasis is on fun, not perfection.

Experts will judge the classes and prize-winning entries will be displayed throughout the events.

With the owners’ permission, exhibits will be auctioned in aid of charity on Sunday afternoon.

The categories are:

Home-grown vegetables (as pulled, tops on, cleaned): two leeks; three onions; three carrots; three pea pods; three potatoes; three tomatoes, with stalks; longest bean; heaviest marrow; any misshapen vegetable; tray of mixed vegetables judged on variety and quality.

Floral arrangements: three best sweet peas, displayed in a jam jar; arrangement called “Seaside”; miniature garden (no bigger than 12x12 inches in own container). All judging is to be done on Saturday, September 12.

• To enter, complete an entry form, which can be downloaded HERE and e-mail it to

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