Facebook pyjama police spread from Sunderland into East Durham

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Onesie wearers beware - the pyjama police are spreading into East Durham.

Following the success of the Facebook page, Sunderland in Pyjamas, a new sister page, Seaham in Pyjamas, has been set up.

Paul Bell who has set up Seaham in Pyjamas.

Paul Bell who has set up Seaham in Pyjamas.

The pages urge residents to take photos of people walking the streets in their nightwear.

And, despite only being set up a couple of weeks, the Seaham page has already got 2,000 followers.

Things are also going from strength to strength for the Sunderland page, which has been running for several weeks, and it now has almost 17,000 followers.

Both pages have seen people snapped going about their everyday lives wearing their nightwear, including shopping and the school run.

It’s just about having a laugh.

Paul Bell

Sonny Duggan, who set up the Wearside page, said the whole thing is in good fun and not aimed at shaming or embarrassing anyone.

The 44-year-old chef, who lives in Trinity Square, said: “I can’t believe how popular it is with so many followers.

“My inbox goes crazy with notifications and photos.”

The dad-of-four came up with the idea because of all the people he sees walking around in their pyjamas.

He said: “I keep getting new followers and while people are still loving the page I will continue with it.”

Following on from the success of Sunderland in Pyjamas, Sonny’s friend, Paul Bell, decided to launch Seaham in Pyjamas.

Paul, 30, a delivery driver who lives in Grangetown, said: “I’m from Seaham so I asked Sonny if he would mind if I started a page for there and he was all for it.

“It is just about having a laugh. It’s not about embarrassing or upsetting anyone and I will remove any photographs people don’t want up.

“I also take down any ­nasty comments.”

Paul said the site has become very popular with lots of people saying they can’t believe they have been spotted.

He added: “Since I created the page some people have been telling me they are more careful about going out in their pyjamas in case they are spotted.

“And I have had people telling me they will always put their clothes on when they go out now.”