Sunderland shoppers take the Mackem Pie taste test - but what do they think?

A pie created to sum up Sunderland’s love for a traditional Mackem dish has passed the taste test in the avenue of the city’s market.

Sunday, 4th August 2019, 4:30 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th August 2019, 5:30 pm

We called down to Jacky White’s Market to find out what shoppers made of the latest delicacy created by Ibbitson’s, which decided to wrap up the ingredients of its panackelty-inspired sausage in a pasty crust.

While some told the Echo the pork and black pudding pie wasn’t for them – turning down a chance to feed for free – those who gave it a go returned rave reviews.

We toured the market with bite-sized slices of warm pie for people to try – and this is what they thought.

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Ibbotson's Mackem pies have gone down a treat with savoury-loving Sunderland shoppers.

Graham McBeth, 60, from South Hylton, said: “The pork and black pudding is coming through, a little bit of seasoning is there.

“Is it a Mackem pie though? It’s hard to say.”

Irene Thompson, 50, who also lives in the city, said: “Very nice, I can taste the black pudding, and it’s very nice that black pudding.

“It gets the thumbs up.”

Graham McBeth gave a slice of Mackem Pie a go.

Sharon Gaffing, of Mobile Mania in the market, said: “It’s nice, it’s lovely, with a soft feel to it, very good.

“It’s lovely and tasty and you can taste the pork pie.

“I would recommend this.”

Lilian Griffiths, who runs LG Fashions, said: “That is really delicious.

Lilian Griffiths highly recommends the treat after giving it a try.

“I could do with a big one to eat.”It’s lovely, I’ll definitely be buying one, because that’s really nice.”

Irene Thompson is a fan of the special edition pies made by Ibbitson's.
Sharon Gaffing sung the praises of the newly-created pies.