Don’t let Christmas be a pain

John Oshinowo from the Back Pain Centre Sunderland.
John Oshinowo from the Back Pain Centre Sunderland.
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CHRISTMAS could leave people with a lifetime of injuries, claim Wearside experts.

From hauling heavy shopping bags to putting up decorations, the festive season could cause a host of potential spinal problems, say osteopaths at the Back Pain Centre Sunderland.

Jason Oshinowo, senior osteopath, said: “From energetic dancing at the office party to lifting heavy boxes of decorations out of the loft, Christmas makes some pretty strenuous demands on all of us.

“Weighing ourselves down with shopping, bending and twisting to wrap lights round the tree and simply dashing around more than we’re used to can damage neck muscles and nerves as well as aggravate existing back problems.”

The team at the Back Pain Centre, in John Street, is warning people to avoid carrying heavy loads and rapid twisting or bending movements.

Jason added: “We urge people to shop online or opt for home delivery of bulkier items and also suggest they take their time with tasks such as decorating the house and unloading the car – and ask for help from friends and family, not try to do all the chores themselves.”