Cost fuels drivers’ struggles

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ALMOST a third of North East motorists are struggling to cope with the cost of running a car, new figures suggest.

Some 30 per cent said they were finding it difficult to afford driving expenses, according to research commissioned by used car search website

Its latest Driver Satisfaction Index revealed that 94 per cent of the region’s drivers were unhappy with the cost of fuel.

The YouGov poll found that nationally, fuel prices and car insurance were the biggest worry.

Asked what concerned them most, 82 per cent said fuel cost.

More than a third were most concerned with the cost of car insurance, while one in five said their biggest worry was the state of the roads in their area.

More than a quarter said they were reducing the amount they spent on their weekly grocery shop to help them afford the cost of maintaining a car.

Phill Jones, of, said: “For most of us, the car is a necessity and the increasing costs facing motorists are alarming.

“The car is fundamental to the economy, getting us from A to B in all areas of life, and the evidence is clearly there to suggest that blithely resorting to a temporary freeze in fuel duty is simply not enough.”