Cook What You Grow: Oven-roasted root vegetables

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CHRISTMAS is about socialising and enjoying yourself, not slaving over a hot stove.

Here’s an all-in-one roasting method (apart from sprouts) which leaves you free to enjoy a glass of bubbly with your guests.

As there’s no set amounts, if you’ve had a glass too many, things should turn out fine.

Take a combination of carrots, turnip or swede, parsnips and onions. Cut them into similar-sized large chunks (the turnip a little smaller) and place in a large freezer bag.

Add enough olive oil to coat (or meat extract/melted duck fat for extra flavour) and season with fresh rosemary, sea salt and pepper. Shake together.

Leave to marinade for several hours or overnight.

Pour into a large roasting tin one layer deep and roast for about 45 minutes, or until cooked through.