Confused blackberries

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I TOOK delivery of a new blackberry last week, which I plan to train over an arch.

Obviously, it had to be thornless and ornamental, so I chose Loch Maree, which has pale pink showy flowers held above dark green foliage.

However, I didn’t expect to see the flowers quite this soon!

It’s supposed to flower from May-July, not mid-October.

I’m going to have to harden it off before it goes outside for the winter – it looks as if it’s been raised in a polytunnel and although it’s very hardy, a gentle toughening up would be prudent.

The canes grow up to 6ft and thrive in semi shade, so I’m hoping it will be pretty and productive in the dull top corner of the garden, which I’m determined to revamp in the spring.

That will only cover one side, so a trip to a garden centre seems on the cards...