Bond villain lookalike at Stadium of Light

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A BOND villain lookalike turned sculptor got his teeth into his latest work of art on Wearside.

Gary Tiplady – who makes guest appearances at public events as James Bond movie henchman Jaws – was inspired by Sunderland AFC to create the intricate wire Black Cats model.

The Newcastle-born giant, who stands at more than 7ft tall, posed outside the Stadium of Light with the work.

Gary was in his late teens when he developed a life-threatening condition called acromegaly, a hormonal disorder produced by the pituitary gland which produces excess growth hormone.

After three brain operations, the disorder is now controlled by drugs.

He turned to being a Jaws lookalike, played by actor Richard Kiel in the 1970s Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, after spending time as a boxer and chef.