Balding man’s warning after botched hair tattoo

Tony Dalgleish paid hundreds of pounds for a tattoo procedure to replicate hair on his head but it has faded.
Tony Dalgleish paid hundreds of pounds for a tattoo procedure to replicate hair on his head but it has faded.
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AFTER being conned into a botched tattoo job that cost him more than a thousand pounds, Tony Dalgleish is desperate for help.

Mr Dalgleish, 45, had contacted what he thought was a national hair loss treatment company after deciding to do something about his receding crown.

But he was, in fact, being lied to by someone pretending to work for the national chain.

He is now regretting his decision to have the procedure done after it went wrong.

He said: “My hair had been thinning for a while on the top, so I decided to look around to see if there was anything I could do.

“My girlfriend found a website where they claimed to be able to create a tattoo that looked like hair on your head to replicate the follicles.

“I thought this looked great and there were even testimonies on the website about how it had been a success.

“I went for a consultation in Harrogate and they said it would cost £1,900, which I thought was a bit expensive as I have had other tattoos done and they were no way near that much.

“But later, I received a call from one of the tattooists who said she would do the procedure at her own house for just half the price.”

The builder went ahead with the offer, but was left devastated when the tattoo began fading and the ink started running.

He said: “It makes me feel like a victim. I feel very angry and robbed as the amount I spent was a lot of money.

“I would really recommend that people make sure that they know who is offering this and they aren’t misled.”

Fortunately for Tony, local cosmetic academy owner Barry Crake, who used to work for the Human Life Trust which helps with tattoo mishaps, offered to fix the blunder at his studio in Sunderland by re-tattooing his head.

Barry said: “Now I have resigned from the charity I have gone back to my roots and I am donating my earnings from a business point of view.

“It is a pleasure to be helping Tony and many other people that may need my help where I can offer it.”

For more information about Barry’s cosmetic academy call 567 0543 or visit

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