Bailey’s Restaurant, Honest Lawyer Hotel, Croxdale

For a review of Bailey's Restaurant at the Honest Lawyer Hotel, Croxdale, on the A167 south of Durham.
For a review of Bailey's Restaurant at the Honest Lawyer Hotel, Croxdale, on the A167 south of Durham.
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THERE’S not much in the world that can’t be put right with a great Sunday dinner and a bit of pudding action.

Between us, my friend and I decided it was time to eat ourselves daft and have a good catch up at the weekend. After consulting with a foodie friend we decided to roadtest Bailey’s Restaurant, found within the Honest Lawyer Hotel near Durham.

It’s a five minute drive from the city centre and surrounded by green fields which makes it the ideal spot if you fancy a bit of peace and quiet.

Inside, the restaurant was lovely. Classy and nicely decorated, much like the menu. My friend chose the pork, which came with crackling and stuffing, and I had the nut roast as I am starting 2011 as a vegetarian.

We didn’t wait long for our meals to arrive and I was half way through mine before you could say ‘manners’. The puds were giant and freshly made and our meals were served with carrots, mashed swede, new potatoes, a dressed and plain cabbage and roast potatoes, all slathered with gravy.

Our waitress was very sweet and said if we wanted more veg we only had to ask. The nut roast was absolutely lovely and I’d be amazed if it wasn’t made on site.

It was stuffed full of lovely veggies and crunchy bits and topped with a very nice cheese. I’d thought a vegetarian Sunday dinner was a contradiction in terms but it didn’t slow me down at all - I really enjoyed it.

My friend said his dinner was top dollar too and the pork was tender with proper gravy made from the juice and tasty stuffing. Anyhow, his plate was clean before too long which spoke for itself.

For dessert we shared a Christmas pudding as we both felt reluctant to let the festive season end. It was very tasty and we could have managed one each but I was pleased I’d managed to steer away from being a greedy guts. A latte for me and an americano for my friend and we were content and stuffed.

The staff were very good too, attentive and polite and speedy, even though it was fairly busy. The loos were spotless and overall I’d say this is the kind of place I’d choose for a treat every now and again. There’s also a nice bar where we saw several people having a coffee and reading the papers.

Our bill, with drinks, came to £29.55 which isn’t the cheapest Sunday dinner you’ll ever have, but I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for and in the case of Bailey’s I’d say this was definitely true.